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World's Population Reaches a Huge Milestone

Your world might feel a little more crowded today. Because today is the day the world’s population is passing the 8-billion mark.

The population experts who keep track of how many people there are in the world figured out that today, November 15, 2022, would be the day the world’s population reaches that eight billion mark.

The United Nations even designated this day as the “Day of Eight Billion” with all kinds of stats and explanations about it on the U-N website.

They credit the gradual increase in lifespan, to improvements in medicine, public health, nutrition and personal hygiene. And despite media reports in recent decades of slowing fertility rates in many countries, the U-N says what they call the unprecedented growth is due to the high fertility rates in the poorest countries.

It took just 12 years to grow from 7 billion people in the world to 8 billion. They estimate it will take 15 years to reach 9 billion which will be the year 2037.

There was a time years ago when there was a “Zero Population” movement. Obviously, that didn’t go very far.

The earth itself has plenty of room for another one billion people, but the question is whether the people who live on the earth have the will to help make it not just a bigger world but a better one.

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