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More Weird Weather and More Amazing Sunsets

Lots of news about the unusual weather lately across the country.

Earlier this month, it was a rare hurricane happening in November when they don’t usually happen in Florida hat late in the year. And it was unprecedented in the way it tore away huge chunks of land along Florida’s east shore that left oceanfront homes destroyed.

And now this week, there are unusually cold temperatures for this time of year like Texas and Georgia. And also this week, unusually heavy amounts of snow already in November from Denver to Chicago to New York.

Here in San Diego, where the weather often really doesn’t make news, we’ve had some strong Santa Ana winds and increased fire danger this week, that we usually don’t see as much of in the last half of November..

And while it was good news to hear state fire officials announce Thursday that the end of the peak wildfire season is most areas of California is over, it still doesn’t mean it’s all over. We’ve had some big and bad fires in November and even in December.

With winter officially beginning in about four weeks, there is sure to be more news about the weather. And with the way things have been going, no one will be surprised if the weird or unusual weather continues.

If course it doesn’t really do any good to complain about the weather, just be ready for it, and sometimes enjoy what the weather can bring, as it did last night again in the skies of San Diego, another amazing and beautiful sunset.

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