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What City of San Diego is Doing to Try to Reduce Gun Violence

Gun violence. Two words that can instantly spark a debate between gun control advocates and gun rights advocates.

That debate has heated up again with the most recent deadly shootings in Virginia and Colorado.

President Biden is calling on Congress to pass a ban on assault-style rifles. Democrats and Republicans are talking but disagreeing on what to do about gun violence.

There will always be differences of opinion over what to do about it but in San Diego, a six-year-old state law about guns appears to be working to help stop gun violence before it happens.

California’s red flag law allows local prosecutors to get restraining orders in court to seize guns from someone who has made or poses a threat of violence.

The San Diego Union Tribune is reporting that since 2018, when City Attorney Mara Elliott, got the first order to take guns away from a dangerous person, there have been 1,011 such orders approved by local judges.

And San Diego now leads the state of California in using red flag laws. Prosecutors in Colorado and other states might want to take notice.

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