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What We Should Ask for After the Storms

The storm finally got to San Diego after stalling over L-A County, and now it appears as if the rain is going to keep coming for a while.

As the San Diego Union Tribune reports this morning…

“An extraordinary plume of subtropical moisture moved into San Diego Monday night in what forecasters say is the start of a meteorological chain reaction that could ultimately drop 4 to 6 inches of rain in much of North County and 3 to 4 inches from San Diego south to the border by Sunday.”

L-A may have gotten hit harder this week, but we’re getting plenty of rain and several communities in San Diego are still in the middle of recovering from the trauma of hundreds of homes being flooded and heavily damaged two weeks ago on January 22nd.

These storms here in Southern California have been bad enough for Los Angeles and San Diego making national news almost every day in recent days.

And if you have friends or family back east you’re probably getting texts and calls asking you if you’re okay and surviving the rain and flooding.

We are living through some weather history right now.

And this is all a reminder of course that while weather like this is not usual, it seems to be getting more usual.

When this series of atmospheric rivers ends, we’ll look back and remember it.

And as one San Diego writer put it this week, maybe we should ask for a refund on the sunshine tax we pay for living here.

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