Video: Japanese Man Steals 159 Bicycle Seats in Epic Quest for 'Revenge'

In a bizarre story out of Japan, authorities in Toyko arrested a man who stole a whopping 159 bicycle seats as part of a truly strange quest for revenge. The weird saga reportedly began a few months ago when Akio Hatori discovered that some ne'er-do-well had stolen the seat from his bike. His surprising reaction to the incident is somewhat akin to the origin story of a supervillain as, rather than attempt to thwart such nefarious deeds, the angry man decided to become a bike seat thief himself.

Over the ensuing weeks, Hatori roamed the streets of Toyko stealing seats from bicycles throughout the city. His epic crime spree came to an end when a security camera filmed him in the midst of one of his capers and authorities noticed that the basket on his bike contained an inordinate amount of detached seats. A subsequent search of Hatori's home revealed that he had apparently stolen a jaw-dropping 159 bicycle seats over the course of his short-lived criminal career.

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