UCSD Leads A Team To Help Cure 80 Rare Cancers

A new study is scheduled to start enrolling people in June to treat a wide range of rare cancers.Two researchers at UCSD will lead the study to see whether these cancers can be treated with drugs.The two are playing big roles in an innovative, nationwide clinical trial to see whether 80 rare cancers can be treated with drugs from the breakout field of immunotherapy - where the body's own immune system is supercharged to battle tumors. Researchers will be using two medications made by Bristol Myers Squibb to treat the cancers. Experts say the drugs will rev up the body’s existing immune system, with the goal of enabling it to more effectively identify, go after and eliminate cells that have undergone genetic mutations. The researchers say these cancers are so rare, that they don't get enough attention on their own.A central feature of the upcoming trial is that all participants will have genetic testing. Researchers say having the information on hand is critical to spotting patterns across different types of cancers.The project will be run by a cancer research collaborative with nearly 1,000 member organizations in the United States and six other countries.The data collected will be analyzed by researchers at UC San Diego and Northwestern University in Chicago. Read more HERE.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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