The Cost Of Smoking Cigarettes

Every year, Americans collectively spend more than $300 billion, which includes nearly $170 billion in direct medical care for adults and more than $156 billion in lost productivity due to premature death and exposure to secondhand smoke. Some people will have to pay more depending on the state in which they live.
Wallet Hub decided to calculate costs related to smoking in an effort to encourage the 36 and a half million tobacco smokers in the  U-S to consider kicking the habit. They have broken down the costs by the out of pocket cost per smoker,  including the annual costs of a cigarette pack a day, the cost of health care, and income loss due to smoking and exposure to second hand smoke.Since 1964, smoking-related illnesses have claimed 20 million lives in the U.S. 2.5 million of those were non smokers who developed diseases from exposure to second hand smoke.

You'll find a breakdown of costs state by state HERE 

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