Your Phone As Weight loss Buddy

When you think weight loss, you may be thinking diet and exercise, but how about a good coach?

It turns out Kaiser Permanente members who voluntarily took part in individual wellness coaching by telephone for weight management lost an average of 10 pounds each.The study in the journal Obesity, was designed to evaluate the impact of a phone coaching program for people trying to lose weight,  improve healthy eating habits or trying to increase their physical activity. For this study, researchers reviewed the electronic medical records of nearly 1,000 Kaiser patients in Northern California who took part in at least one voluntary wellness coaching session.

Those people were then compared to a matched control group of more than 19,000 members with similar baseline numbers, who didn't take part in wellness coaching.Researchers say they found patients who did take part lost significant amounts of weight, which is so important because even a small amount of weight loss can help patients experience significant health benefits over time.Kaiser has done other phone coaching programs as well for people trying to quit smoking or manage stress.

Several Health care organizations offer health and wellness coaching programs for their members.

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