Some Cold Medicines Trigger False Positives

You may work for a company that does random drug testing, or perhaps you or someone you know is applying for a new job. Sometimes, those drug tests don't provide accurate information.

That's especially possible if you're taking medications for a cold.

If you take a lot of  pseudo ephedrine, which is what amphetamine is made of,  your first test could show positive. Another test in a couple more days will prove it was not amphetamine. Dr. Stephen Leibham is with U-S Healthworks in San Diego. He tells KOGO News you could also test positive for codeine, and you'll have to confirm yo have a prescription for it. He also says Afrin Nasal  Spray also tests positive for amphetamine on the first screening. Ibuprofen can also give a false positive. And you may recall when Elaine on Seinfeld tested positive after eating poppy seeds. He says that's rare, as it would take a  handful of poppy seeds to test positive.

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