A Lack Of Sleep Can Lead To Disease

If you don't get enough sleep, you're gonna pay for it in your gut, which, in turn, may lead to disease. Researcher Dr. Jonathan Cedernaes from Sweden tells KOGO News the changes in the composition of bacteria have been directly associated to common chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes and obesity, and changes in your gut, can be due to a lack of sleep.

For two days in a row, nine healthy men in the study group slept only four hours a night. The diversity of gut bacteria didn't change, but it did alter the balance of the bacteria. He says more research is needed to determine the sensitivity to the effects of sleep loss and how it affects brain function and metabolic health.

Dr. Cedernaes says gut microbiome interacts with our immune system. It's the first line of defense of pathogens that can come in to your body. It also regulates what kind of nutrients and calories we take up. It also produces signaling molecules that can interact with various organs throughout the body. 

"It's not surprising to find how many roles the various types microbes in our gut play in our health, both body and mind."

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