What Makes Your Heart Happy?

My heart is happy when everyone around me is happy and we're not talking politics!

My heart is especially happy when someone acknowledges something I did or said, with  no intention of being thanked for what I did or said. 

I can easily make my heart unhappy by taking things personally or giving myself a hard time for something I should have said or done....or a mistake I made... or the way I did something, which certainly could have been done better.

But I can turn that around by dipping into my blessing's jar.

This is something I found at a thrift shop for two bucks.But the calm it's provided is really priceless.

This little jar I found has a heart painted on it with some other decorations and holds several blessings of the day.

On little cards are sayings such as "everyone loves your smile." Or "you're loved unconditionally."

These little blessing jars are easy to make and you can tailor them to anyone.

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