Surgeon Sentenced To Life For Botched Surgeries

Patients of a doctor are  pleased to know he'll never treat anyone again...because he'll be in prison. Neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch of Dallas is the first surgeon known to be sentenced to prison in the United States for a botched surgery. He was convicted of injury to an elderly person in a surgery that put Mary Efurd in a wheelchair. She said the verdict is what she's been waiting for.

For weeks, jurors heard the accounts of patients who had been maimed or paralyzed in bungled surgeries.

The 44 year old was accused of paralyzing four patients and causing the death of two.

Caitlan Martin Linduff's mother bled to death after a botched surgery in 2012. She said she is so very grateful from the bottom of her heart. While it won't brig her mother back, she said it is some sense of justice for all the families and all the victims.

The prosecutor told the court the doctor continued his practice because of greed. 

The surgeon's father and other family members tried to appeal to the jury, but it took the jury only an hour to come back with the verdict, which is expected to be appealed.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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