Is A Cure For Baldness On The Horizon?

It happens by the age of 35 for two thirds of men. They have a receding hair line and are missing more hair every day.

Researchers say  people with good hair get paid better and are seen as more assertive, attractive and accomplished.

Researchers say the global market for hair loss products is projected to hit $2.7 billion this year,  a 35 percent rise since 2010. More than 3 percent of all U.S. households use a hair-loss product.

With a lot of money at stake more than 55 labs around the globe are experimenting with solutions that range from stem cells and bioprinting to hair cloning and robotic transplants.

The San Diego-based biotech company Samumed has been getting a lot of attention for its hair-loss drug. And a Hong Kong based company has invested six million dollars in Histogen another company based in San Diego.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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