Binge Watching Can Lead To Depression and Illness

You may plan nights and weekends to binge watch your favorite shows, but a new study says this is a public health concern!

That's because binge TV watching can cause depression. Monita Karmakar led a study of people who define themselves as binge watchers.

Netflix did a study defining it as watching 2 to 6 episodes of a show in the same day. A TiVo studied defined it as 3 episodes in a day, but this study was not sponsored, and participants mostly defined binge watching as two to five hours without a break.

Karmakar says binge watching is more popular among younger generations, and the results aren't good.

It leads to depression and it also means people are sitting for hours at  time, which can lead to several chronic conditions.

She says companies encourage binge watching as normal behavior. She says this is the first time it's been studied as a public health concern, and it needs to be addressed.

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