San Diego Company Helps Children With Epilepsy

A San Diego company that makes medical marijuana products is helping children in Mexico who have epilepsy.

The company, Medical Marijuana Inc. is working with a pediatric neurologist in Mexico.

Dr. Saul Garza Morales says they've had positive results with their study on the effects of CBD on seizures.

CBD hemp oil products are non psycho active, which means they don't cause a person to get high.

CBD actually interacts with our naturally occurring systems, and offers significant health benefits.

The study in Mexico looked at the effects of the company's product called RSHO-X in treating children with severe epilepsy.

The doctor reported the elimination of seizures in 17 percent of the cases and a reduction of motor seizures

 in 84 percent of the cases in patients who used the oil for six months.

Read about the study HERE

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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