A Warning About Drugs For Osteoporosis

Women should know the risks of taking drugs for osteoporosis. 

The drugs are supposed to help with brittle bones, but Doctor Robert Marx is warning women against using them.

At least two drugs are under fire, including Fosamax by Merck and Prolia by Amgen.

Both are linked to bone tissue dying off in the jaw, often requiring major surgery.

Dr. Marx says women are afraid of fractures if they don't take the drugs, but some are experiencing fractures if they do take the drugs.

He says the drugs were not researched well, and he says Fosamax stays in the system for 11 years, which can lead to more health issues.

He's written a book entitled Deadly Prescription.

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Renowned surgeon,researcher, and award-winning medical writer Dr. Robert Marx has transformed his real life battle to expose Big Pharma’s deceptive labeling practices into a page-turning suspense novel, Deadly Prescription, which gives readers an inside look at the alarming level of fraud and corruption that currently exists in many of America’s giant drug companies.

“After years of surgically treating patients harmed by certain prescription medicines, I decided to write an exposé about how drug manufacturers routinely cover up evidence of the dangerous side effects caused by their products.

 However, a medical colleague of mine who was an established writer suggested I could reach a larger audience if I developed a fictional novel around the subject matter,” says Dr. Marx, professor of surgery and chief of the Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

“This is why I’ve presented the information as ‘a work of fiction’ which I hope readers will find eye-opening, educational, and entertaining.”Dr. Marx was the first researcher to link the use of a popular anti-osteoporosis medication manufactured by the Merck Company (Fosamax, 3.6 billion annual sales) with the death of bone tissue in the jaw.  He testified as an expert witness in court cases against Merck and the drug maker Novartis, who manufactured a chemically similar drug.

His two textbooks on the subject guiding his colleagues on how to recognize and treat this malady have been best sellers.

His textbook on oral and maxillofacial pathology first described this condition and won the Medical Writers’ Book of the Year Award in 2002.

“Hopefully readers of Deadly Prescription will be brought to the realization that the drugs we are given by our doctors may not be completely researched because of a serious flaw in the way the FDA reviews and approves drugs,” says Dr. Marx.

Dr. Marx recommends that patients who are prescribed any type of medication ask their doctor for the complete product hand out and take the time to read about the listed side effects.“Be proactive and search out information about the drug on the Internet or log into Pub Med and be sure you understand the side effects,” says Dr. Marx.

“Be especially cautious in the case of a newly-approved drug, because the side effects won’t appear in the first one or two years; they’ll appear later on.  

If Vioxx or Fosamax would have been reviewed 5 years after their initial approval, they may not have been reapproved for continued sales and much pain and suffering could have been spared.”

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