Losing Concentration While Multitasking?

When you go back to work on Monday, it could be tough getting in the swing of things.

It's probably because there's so much going on, which is distracting.

You sign on to your email, and it just fills up! 

Then, you may be listening to your voice mail, which a lot of people just ignore these days. That's because you can text someone or send them an email before they even pick up the office phone,  and that's a text to the personal cell phone.

All those electronic distractions are one reason you could lose concentration and become a little stressed.

Even if you're not at an office, You could be a busy mom at home with kids with just as many distractions, perhaps in differnet forms.

Either way or wherever you are, take a deep breath, when you remember to do so.

You'll find a list of distractions HERE

The stress reduction tips can be found HERE

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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