An Escondido Teenager Is Home After Rare Infection

An Escondido girl is finally home from the hospital months after breaking her arm, which turned into a frightening ordeal.

The problem was she developed a rare condition, and the federal government had to step in.

In January, 14 year old Rosie Lopez fell into the dirt when she did a cartwheel and fractured her arm.

Doctors set her arm, but didn't know at the time, the dirt she fell in contained spores of botulism, that can cause food poisoning.

The chief of infectioous diseases at Rady Children's Hospital, Dr. John Bradley tells KOGO news, they got anti toxin for botulism from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

But that anti toxin not only wipes out the spores, it knocks out your nerves, and Rosie suffered partial paralysis and was on a respirator. Rosie had to regrow nerves, which took weeks.

Six operations and 77 days later, Rosie walked out of the hospital.

Photo Credit: Rosie Lopez and Rady Children's Hospital 

Listen to a minute with Dr. Bradley.

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