How To Tackle The Opioid Epidemic

President Trump is assigning New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with leading the effort to fight the opioid epidemic in America.

Scott Silverman of San Diego is the founder of Confidential Recovery and his mission is to provide individuals confidential, long-term addiction treatment that supports sustainable recovery.

He is also an author, public speaker, CNN Hero of the Week, and 31+ years sober.

You may also recognize his name, as he was also the founder of the nonprofit organization, Second Chance.

For nearly 30 years, Scott has been working to break the cycle of substance abuse right here in San Diego.

There is an opioid addiction crisis that is taking hold of neighborhoods around the U.S. It’s becoming more prevalent in small town America and right here in San Diego (there were almost 3,500 opioid involved deaths between 2000-2015; which is 1 death every 33 hours).

It’s tearing apart families, ending careers, and killing people. It seems like there’s always a news story about children finding their parents dead because of a possible overdose. Opioids are illicit drug heroin as well as legal prescription pain relievers oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, fentanyl and others.

Listen to his take on what can be done.

While he believes medication helps with acute pain, he says doctors need to oversee someone who is taking drugs, and other modalities are very beneficial for those in pain, including yoga and meditation.

Listen to our interview HERE.


You can find Scott at Confidential Recovery Recovery at (619) 452-1200. 
You can also reach him personally at 619-993-2738.

Photo Credit: Scott Silverman

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