The Preferred Easter Candy

Easter is next Sunday, the 16th, and doctors are mixed on whether to give children candy for Easter. 

Some doctors are definitely opposed, and they suggest giving kids, stickers or balloons.

But KOGO Health Expert, Dr. Stephen Leibham, with U-S Healthworks in San Diego, tells KOGO News chocolate is okay, as long as it's dark chocolate. 

He says white chocolate isn't chocolate, milk chocolate, which is a small amount of chocolate that's diluted with milk, and then the real chocolate, or dark chocolate. 

Dark chocolate is nutritious in many ways. It has anti oxidants and can lower blood pressure, to name a few.

Dr. Leibham says one to two ounces of dark chocolate with a cocoa percentage of 60 to 70 percent a few times a week are okay.

More on the benefits of dark chocolate HERE

Photo  Credit: Getty Images

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