What's That Twinge In Your Chest?

If you've ever felt  an unusual twinge or feeling on the left side of your chest, it doesn't necessarily mean you're having heart problems.

KOGO Health Expert, Dr. Stephen Leibham of U-S Healthworks in San Diego, says the culprit could actually mean too much caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant, which increases your heart rate . Any stimulant in the body can increase the sensitivity in your nerves. If your nerve is slightly increased, you can have easier reaction with the nerves.

Your heart is going at a set rate, then there's a pause, and your heart takes a bigger beat. 

A large contraction can be perceived as a twinge or a thump in your heart, but it can happen with caffeine.

Of course, if it continues on an ongoing basis, you should see your doctor for an EKG for your heart.

More on caffeine and heart arrhythmia HERE.

Listen to our quick minute below.

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