Heartburn Is Linked To Cancer

Heartburn isn’t just a painful annoyance for millions of Americans - it’s a potential killer.

A three year study conducted by doctors at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden found individuals who experience heartburn once a week or more are eight times more likely to develop a deadly form of cancer called adenocarcinoma which starts in the lower esophagus.

The findings, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, also stated persons with long-standing and severe heartburn were forty-five times more likely to develop the deadly cancer

“The doctors reported that anti-acid pills, medications, and surgery did not reduce the chances of contracting the cancer,” says Dr. David Magnano.

“The message is clear - heartburn sufferers need to find a workable approach to repair their digestive systems, stop their heartburn, and move themselves out of the high risk category.

”Dr. Magnano advises anyone suffering from heartburn to do the following to put their digestive systems back in good health and alleviate heartburn symptoms.

The Heartburn Rescue Plan:

1. Replace anti-acids with digestive enzymes, HCL & Pepsin Anti-acids neutralize stomach acid and prevent complete digestion. Heartburn is caused when incompletely digested food begins to ferment in the stomach. This fermentation releases gasses that push the fermenting stomach contents back up into the esophagus. Enzyme supplements taken with each meal assist the stomach to completely break down food and eliminate fermentation.

2. Don’t eat meat and starch at the same mealProtein takes more time to digest than starch and needs to spend more time in the stomach before being passed to the small intestines. Incompletely digested protein will begin to ferment, create gas, and the resulting pressure will tend to push stomach acids back into the esophagus and create heartburn.

3. After consuming meat or fish, wait two hours before consuming starches like pasta, bread, or potatoes. Meat or fish can be eaten along with salads or steamed vegetables.

4. After consuming starches, wait an hour before consuming meat or fish.

5. Use probiotic supplementsBad bacteria and yeasts growing in your stomach and gut can cause an unpleasant fermentation that may cause acid to bubble too far up. Take probiotic supplements to replace the bad bacteria with good ones.

“The key thing to remember in the war on heartburn is that 90% of people produce too little stomach acid. Taking anti-acids only further reduces their ability to digest food and perpetuates heartburn symptoms,” says Dr. Magnano.

Dr. Magnano says individuals considering making a switch from prescription anti-acid/acid blocking medications to enzymes, probiotics, or HCL supplements should first consult with their doctors.

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ABOUT DR DAVID MAGNANO, DCHealth educator Dr. David Magnano is one of the nation’s top chiropractic physicians with more than 30 years of clinical practice. A highly popular speaker, he has designed and presented hundreds of wellness workshops for both patients and practitioners where he’s addressed a wide range of health issues with a focus on the role that digestion plays in maintaining a healthy immune system. He can currently be heard on radio programs around country in his capacity as National Spokesperson for Nature’s Sources, LLC, manufacturers of plant-based AbsorbAid digestive enzymes.

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