A Costly Health Fad: Do It Yourself Orthodontics

It's a new and destructive fad: do it yourself dentistry.

Doctor John Luther, chief dental officer for Western Dental tells KOGO news these do it yourselfers think they're saving money, but it will cost them in the long run. they're using rubberbands, papeclips and toothpicks to make braces and bands they think look like what you get in the dental office.

But rubber bands can lead to a person losing teeth.

Losing front teeth could mean dental implants, which are much more expensive than braces. 

The doctor says "parents, please tell your kids, don't try this at home."

Listen to our quick minute below.

Photo Credit:  Dr. Kort Ige


13 percent of orthodontists in the American Association of Orthodontists report seeing such patients.

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