Congressman Duncan Hunter Wants To Deregulate E-Cigs

San Diego Congressman Duncan Hunter is introducing a bill in favor of electronic cigarettes and the  $4.4 billion U.S. vaping industry.

The Cigarette Smoking Reduction and Electronic Vapor Alternatives Act would mean E-cigarettes would  no longer be under the tobacco control act.

The bill would reverse a rule from the Obama administration that deems E cigarettes as tobacco products.

E cigarettes heat Nicotine laded liquid into vapor, but don't contain tobacco.But a study released this week says vaping can pose many brand new risks, especially to adolescents who think vaping isn't dangerous because there is no tobacco involved.

Some studies indicate Vapers get a smoker's cough and bloody sores that are slow to heal, due to the hot liquid in vaping.

A New York toxicologist says there is data suggesting E-cigarette vapors may contain cancer causing chemicals.

Read more on that study HERE

Photo Credit: U.S. House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure and KGTV

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