Flower Pesticides Linked To Deficiencies In Kids

Just in time for Mother's Day, if you're buying flowers, you may want to find organic.

Researchers at the UC San Diego School Of Medicine studied the effects of pesticides during the top flower harvest time in Ecuador, the third largest producer of cut flowers in the world, and the largest exporter of roses worldwide.

Dr. Jose Ricardo Suarez tells KOGO News the children studied don't work in the fields. They just live in the area. What they found is pesticides were impacting children's functions.  Most tasks involved attention, self control, the ability to perceive and interact with the visual world, and eye hand coordination 

Most of the pesticides used in Ecuador are also used in the United States, and San Diego and Imperial Counties are large agricultural producers.

He says the study is designed to find out how best to protect children and workers, and buying organic is a start.

Read the study HERE

Listen to our interview below

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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