Unusual Advice For Restless Leg Syndrome-Soap!

Are you one of those who has to move your legs when your're sleeping? 

If  you have uncomfortable sensations or urges to move your legs, you could have restless leg syndrome or RLS.

It's classified as a sleep disorder since the symptoms are triggered by resting and trying to sleep. It's also a movement disorder since people are forced to move their legs in order to relieve symptoms.

It is actually a neurological sensory disorder with symptoms that are produced from within the brain itself.

There are several reasons for this disorder that lead to exhaustion and daytime sleepiness, which can affect everything from your mood to your job performance to relationships.\

Those reasons can include iron deficiency, prescription drugs, pregnancy, and other causes.

Anti seizure drugs are sometimes given for the condition.

It's also a reality for some children, who can be hard to diagnose as some doctors may think it's just growing pains.

There's an interesting solution for some.... putting soap underneath your sheets to limit the movement.

Read about it HERE.

Facts about RLS can be found HERE.

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