A Top Killer Is Preventable and Curable

We  continue to look at health tests you can get now, to hopefully prevent problems in the future.

The Medical Director of U-S Healthworks at the Mira Mar Clinic, Dr. Stephen Leibham, says in addition to getting liver tests that can also detect disease early, another important test is for colon cancer. 

"Colon cancer is a huge factor  in people over 50 in the most cases, and that's why its important to get a colonoscopy when you turn 50, or earlier if you have a history in your family. You get it ever ten years and, if it's found early, colon cancer is curable. But still at the current time it's the number two cause of death in men and the number three cause of death in women, something that is largely preventable or curable."

A lot of people are afraid to get a colonoscopy so they put it off, but it is not painful and you are out for the procedure.A healthy lifestyle with a high fiber, low fat diet can help prevent colon cancer and screening can detect it in the early stages.

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