More Research Links Hair Dye To Possible Cancer Risk

If you dye or straighten your hair, there is more research linking some hair dyes and other products to an increased risk of cancer.

Over 5,000 different chemicals are used in hair dye products, some of which are reported to be cancer-causing in animals.

Studies have been done for years on a possible link to a variety of cancers and hair dye

New research has found significant links between breast cancer risk and the use of some hair dyes and straighteners, and they found the risk varied between white women and African American women.

More white women tend to use hair dye and more black women tend to use straighteners.

But either way, the darker shades of hair dye indicated a higher risk of breast cancer.

Earlier research in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute identified links between dark shades of hair dye to some types of cancer.

Most of the ingredients are only minimally regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, if they are regulated at all

You can avoid the products or find organic hair treatments.

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