The Crazy Ways Teenagers Are Trying To Get High

You've likely heard of bath salts as a method being used to get high, but tehre are some other products teenagers are experimenting with to get high.  

Over the counter cough syrup can actually become addictive.

Kids like it because it can alter your thoughts or make you feel like you've left your body. But, if if too much is taken, it can slow the heart and breathing, and if it's mixed with alcohol, it can be deadly.

Another deadly practice is inhaling household products  like gas from whipped cream cans, aerosol sprays, Freon, cleaning fluids, and even mothballs can get a person high.

But the fumes of the aerosols can cause heart failure or clog the lungs .

How about getting into the kitchen cabinet, .reaching for the nutmeg. A chemical in the spice can give you a high if you get enough. But, it can also send you to the E.R. with nutmeg poisoning.

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