Help For People With Vision Loss

The leading cause of vision loss is Macular Degeneration, affecting more than ten million Americans - more than cataracts and glaucoma combined.

With the diagnosis, patients aren't usually given much hope.

But there are two medical professionals in San Diego, who treat not only San Diegans, but people from around the world who come here to see them.

Optometrist Dr. Tom Hixson, and Acupuncturist Gail Brent say patients are very emotional as they're losing a best friend, their vision. 

Dr. Hixson is a low vision specialist and can design glasses so some patients can read and others can legally drive.

Dr. Brent  is one of just a few acupuncturists in the United States who treat degenerative eye conditions with acupuncture.  With Macular Degeneration, she stimulates the area around the eye and can help slow the degeneration.

You can contact Dr. Hixson at

You can contact Gail Brent LAc at

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