Children's Health Care Needs More Attention

There are five thousand hospitals for adults in the U-S. There are 35 for children. And we have more than 75 million kids in the U-S under the age of 18. A top doctor wants change.

Dr. Kurt Newman has been a pediatric surgeon for three decades and is President and CEO of Children's National Hospital in Washington D.C. 

He says the U-S prioritizes end of life and palliative care, while children's medicine is under valued and under funded.

He's written a book entitled "Healing Children, A surgeon's Stories From the Frontiers of Pediatric Medicine.

Dr. Newman writes how incredibly resilient children are and we could all learn lessons from he's learned.

He also says we need to contact our legislators and urge more funding be spent on children's health care and research.

Link to Dr. Newman's Book

Listen to our interview on Children's Health Care Below.

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Link to Dr Kurt Newman's book

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