Auto Immune Patients Will Monitor Health Conditions From Home

There's a new dynamic in medicine, including monitoring your health conditions at home. 

And this system is currently focusing on patients with auto immune diseases, including Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis.

As an example, anyone who has an auto immune disease needs to pay special attention to the dosage of medicine they're taking and how it  impacts the system, and with new technology they can determine if a flare up is coming, and then they can take action.

As it is now, a patient often has to go back and forth to the doctor to get it just right.

Bob Terbrugeen is the founder and CEO of Dxterity Diagnostics.

He explains to KOGO News the patient would self collect their own sample and mail it back to a central lab for testing. 

In our interview below, he explains it would be a finger prick of blood, not a swab.

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