Nature's Path Cereal Sold At Whole Foods Recalled Over Gluten

More than 400-thousand boxes of kids' gluten-free cereal are being recalled by Nature's Path foods. The cereal may contain an "undeclared gluten," which led to the recall.

the FDA says the voluntary recall is from the company's Enviro-Kidz line, which includes Choco Chimps, Gorilla Munch and Jungle Munch.

The cereal is sold at Whole Foods.

Product Name – Size UPC Best Before Date

EnviroKidz Choco Chimp 10 oz 0 5844987024 1 08/27/2019

EnviroKidz Gorilla Munch 10 oz 0 58449 86002 0 08/24/2019

EnviroKidz Gorilla Munch 10 oz 0 58449 86002 0 09/21/2019

EnviroKidz Jungle Munch 10 oz 0 5844987028 9 08/01/2019

The error was isolated to one facility and due to air contamination as a result of incorrect production scheduling. Other gluten-free Nature’s Path and EnviroKidz products are not impacted and are not part of this voluntary recall.

Consumers requesting a refund for the affected cereals should return the product to their retailer. Consumers may also contact Nature’s Path Consumer Services at 1-866-880-7284 (between Monday and Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm PST) or email at

Photo Credit: Nature's Path

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