UC San Diego Trauma Surgeon Documents Scooter Injuries For Nationwide Study

The findings from a year long study into electric scooter injuries involving two major hospitals in San Diego are expected soon.

The study was done by U-C San Diego, Scripps Mercy Hospital and a trauma center in Austin, Texas.

U-C-San Diego trauma surgeon and professor Leslie Kobayahsi, tells KOGO news in all cases they see, patients aren't wearing helmets.

She says most people are able to go home pretty quickly, but others may have long term affects, especially if they have a head injury.

She says the top three cities for scooter use are Santa Monica, San Diego and Austin, and the study began after the explosion of cases that started when rental scooter use began.

She hopes to present the findings to other trauma surgeons soon.

You can hear our interview below.

Photo Credit: KOGO

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