Patients Left Behind In The Opioid Crisis-Those Who Need Opioids To Live

A procedure that many people get for pain or during pregnancy can result in tragedy for a few. One San Diego woman, Trini Yeager, is one of those who procedures went wrong, leaving her with pain equivalent to that of bone cancer.

She found a pain specialist and was receiving what she needed until the new guidelines from the Federal Government kicked in, allowing the same dosage for pain patients whether they are suffering from a shoulder injury to those with incurable conditions.

Her specialist, Dr. Forrest Tennant, had to stop prescribing the amount of opioids necessary.

He explains a new advocacy group has been formed to try to reach Federal regulators, but he fears it may be too late for many people.

Listen to the interview with Yeager and Tennant below.

Photo Credit: Trini Yeager

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