A Pain Advocate Says The Governor Will Be Blamed If A San Diego Woman Dies

This is our latest in our series on the forgotten victims of the opioid crisis, those who need more amounts of opioids than current regulations allow.

A major pain advocate is calling on Governor Newsom and all governors to deal with the crisis.

PHD Richard Lawhern has more than 75 papers on pain and facilitates pain forums with hundreds of thousands of people around the country, who are in severe pain and are no longer being prescribed what they need, if it all.

We are following the case of Trini Yeager of San Diego, who has scar tissue around her spinal column and remains in severe pain, which she describes as boiling oil in her spine.

These pain patients go into shock and can die when they are under medicated.

Lawhern has written an open letter to Governor Newsom and other governors in the national pain report on behalf of Yeager.

He says the American Medical Association and other medical groups all agree the guidelines need to be changed.

Read Lawhern's letter

Photo Credit: Trini Yeager

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