Infectious Disease Expert Explains The Corona Virus

The Coronavirus is spreading quickly and has similar conditions as the SARS virus 17 years ago, which also originated in China.

Infectious disease specialist Rik Heller tells KOGO News the SARS virus and the Coronavirus are similar but not necessarily the same virus.

Heller is the President and CEO of Wello Inc, a company that makes a medical device that detects temperature without touching anyone to help find contagious people

He explains this device is not being used at airports right now to detect Coronavirus. Airports have a different system, which he explains will likely miss some sick people.

His company's device is used in hospitals, jails, and child care settings, among other places.

He says the Coronavirus is spread like the flu, and the best thing to do is to be on the preventive end by washing hands frequently, getting enough rest and exercising.

In terms of travel, he explains Coronavirus in the interview below and explains who should wear a mask and which country's residents wear masks in public as a courtesy to others if they're sick with a cold or even allergies.

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