San Diego Psychologist Says Young Adults Leaving Jobs Due To Mental Health

The National Institute of Mental Health says An estimated 46.6 million U.S. adults struggle with mental illnesses, such as anxiety disorder,

But you don’t have to be clinically diagnosed with a mental illness to experience the symptoms and effects of stress and anxiety

For millennials, specifically, research suggests money and work are the biggest factors contributing to their stress.

A recent survey from Mind Share Partners reveals 50% of millennial (23-38 years old) and 75% of Gen-Zrs (18-22 years old) respondents have quit a job partially due to mental health reasons.

For baby boomers (55-73 years old), the number was the lowest, with less than 10% leaving a job for mental health-related reasons.

Dr. Brent Crandall, PHD, Clinical Psychologist, Researcher and Administrator at Rady Children's Hospital, explains it's not that there is necessarily MORE mental illness, but younger people speak more freely about their mental health, which is part of their whole health picture. Dr.Crandall suggests that should be commonplace.

He also explains what works for kids and families. He says your child or grandchild can be helped, and at Rady Children's Hospital they screen all patients, whatever they are in for, for depression.

Please give a listen to our two part interview.

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