Border Patrol Forced to Use Tear Gas

About two dozen migrants were apprehended after 150 migrants tried to climb the border fence in San according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The incident happened New Year’s Eve at an unspecified time.   According to the agency, 45 migrants turned back due to CBP’s increased presence at the border before another group of migrants started throwing rocks at agents.

Border Patrol agents added that the group tried to lift toddler-sized children over the concertina wire, but agents were unable to help the children because too many rocks were being thrown.

Agents used pepper spray upwind and tear gas of the migrants to try and deter them from throwing rocks.  Under CHP’s use of force policy, the incident is being reviewed.

CBP says the measures weren’t aimed at the migrants and “successfully suppressed the rock throwers causing them to flee the area.”

Most of the migrants returned to Mexico through a hole under the fence and by climbing back over the fence.

(Photo credit 10News)


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