Marine Wildlife Boat Ambushed Off Coast Of Mexico

An organization that protects marine wildlife was ambushed off the coast of Mexico Wednesday, January 9th.

A vessel from the group "Sea Shepherd" was patrolling for illegal poaching in the Vaquita Refuge in the Upper Gulf of California, when fishermen on more than 35 skiffs circled the boat.

They threw lead weights, anchors, dead fish and Tabasco sauce at the ship. They also threatened to toss Molotov cocktails and burn the ship.

The poachers then dropped a big net, jamming the propellers and allowing five poachers to get on board to steal items from the deck.

The Sea Shepard crew used a fire hose on them, until a Mexican Navy helicopter flew overhead. 

That's when the skiffs took off and the Sea Shepherd made it to San Felipe.

Over the years, the non profit group has removed hundreds of pieces of illegal fishing gear from the Gulf of California, saving the lives of thousands of animals.

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Video Credit: Sea Shepherd



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