The Search Is On Across The U-S For Sex Predator Photographer From Carlsbad

The FBI in San Diego says they're looking for more victims of a known sex predator photographer arrested in Carlsbad in November of last year.

The FBI says Robert Koester, who goes by several other names, was arrested in November of last year in Carlsbad.

The photographer was arrested for taking nude photos of models and sexually assaulting some of the women.

Daveen Butler with the FBI tells KOGO News they are expanding their search for victims throughout the United States, but particularly on the West Coast.

She says victims have been identified in Oregon and several cities across the U-S, and his crimes date back to 1994. A

Koester, who also goes by Bert Kay, Rhake Winter, and Qitooly.

He currently faces 23 felony charges related to novembe4r'sw arrest, including child sexual abuse and production of child pornography.

If you have information about this ongoing investigation or believe you or someone you know may have been victimized by Robert Arnold Koester, the FBI requests that you complete this secure, confidential online questionnaire .

Information from the public may also be submitted confidentially via email to: .

Identified victims may be eligible for certain services and rights under federal and/or state law. More information is available at .

Photo Credit: FBI


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