Woman Runs Over Man With SUV After Child Abuse Allegations In Lincoln Park

A 50-year-old man has life-threatening injuries after he was run over by a woman when he confronted her about suspected child abuse. It happened around 2p.m. Tuesday when San Diego Police say the man saw a woman beating an 8-year-old girl along 47th street in Lincoln Park.

24-year-old Tantrina Spencer-Simmons is the young girl's sister. Police say when the man confronted Spencer-Simmons about the alleged beating, she placed the girl into a Mitsubishi SUV and then got into the driver's seat.

"The male victim called the police about the initial incident and was standing in the parking lot near the vehicle,'' San Diego Police Department Sgt. Michael Tansey. "The female then rapidly accelerated and intentionally ran over the male victim. The female did not stop after running over the male.''

Spencer-Simmons apparently drove the car over the man several times before driving away through the parking lot and then south on 47th Street. The man was taken to a hospital for treatment of "severe and life-threatening injuries" and was in critical condition, according to Tansey. Spencer-Simmons, who was said to be living in her vehicle, was later arrested in the 4500 block of Market Street.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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