Help Return This Bike Stolen from San Diego Man with Parkinson's Disease

San Diego Police are hoping someone who may have unknowingly purchased an electric bike stolen from a man with Parkinson's Disease, will come forward and return it.

Bill Pitcher was an avid bike rider before being diagnosed with the disease. When he no longer had the strength to pedal the wheels of his bicycle, he purchased an electric bike.

San Diego Police Sergeant Matt Botkin says that bike was stolen from Pitcher's Rancho Penasquitos home after he returned from his very first ride after purchasing it.

Days later, Sgt. Botkin says a man was arrested in connection with the theft of a different electric bike. That suspect later admitted to the theft of Pitcher's bike according to police. The suspect told officers that he sold Pitcher's bike at the swap meet held at Qualcomm stadium on January 7th.

Now, police and Pitcher's family members are attempting to alert the public to help locate the person who purchased the bike at the swap meet in hopes they will return the bike to Pitcher. Also police would like to find the person who is missing the bike that officers recovered.

See the photos below.

This is the missing bike that belongs to Pitcher which was stolen and sold at swap meet
Police are seeking the owner of this recovered bike


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