County Issuing Cease & Desist Notices for Violating Public Health Orders

San Diego County issued "cease and desist" orders this week to a number of businesses for violating public health orders.

The action follows the move into the state's most restrictive "Purple" tier which means no indoor operations or activities at restaurants, churches and some other locations as well. On Monday, Governor Newsom announced the state is putting what he calls an "emergency brake" on easing COVID-19 restrictions in California due to the fastest rate of coronavirus cases yet. To date, San Diego County officials have issued 7 orders to shut-down local businesses and another 51 cease and desist orders.

Newsom said it means that counties that fall into more restrictive tiers will move into it after just one week instead of two...and when they do, they have to put the new restrictions within 24 hours instead of 72. Newsom says the number of counties in California that are now in the purple and most restrictive tier has increased this week from 13 to 41 out of the 58 counties in the state. That includes San Diego County and other counties in Southern California.

Under the Purple tier, in addition to a ban on indoor operations, retail businesses and shopping centers have to limit capacity to 25%.. No food courts will be permitted. Schools are able to remain open for in-person learning if they are already in session. If a district has not reopened for in-person learning, it must remain remote only. Offices are restricted to remote work for as many employees as possible. Remaining open are essential services, personal care services, barbershops, hair salons, outdoor playgrounds and recreational facilities.

With rising cases of the coronavirus, over the last week with a daily highs that got reached nearly 1,100 on November 14, the County says it is stepping up its enforcement efforts to make sure businesses and other entities are following the local health order. The County says it will be issuing more cease and desist orders to local businesses for failure to comply. If businesses continue to ignore the public health order, the County will issue closure orders. A list of cease and desist orders now available



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