Water Main Breaks near Downtown Wreak Havoc on Roadways

5 Freeway flooded

The Northbound 5 Freeway is shut down near Hawthorne Street due to flooding from a water main break.Photo: KGTV

SAN DIEGO (KOGO) - San Diego City crews are dealing with two water main breaks near downtown.

One of the breaks happened near Balboa Park, affecting traffic on the 5 and 163 Freeways. The northbound 5 Freeway was shut down Monday morning at Hawthorne Street. Massive amounts of water were sprayed onto the roadways overnight. A woman was hit by debris as she was driving in the area and was taken to the hospital.

Traffic Cam 1

This traffic camera image shows flooding on the 5 Freeway near 6th Avenue.

5 Freeway flooding

This traffic camera image shows the flooding on the 5 Freeway near First Avenue.

Crews are also working on repairs after a water main broke in the East Village area. The break happened Sunday afternoon near 11th Avenue and A street. The road caved at an intersection and water could be seen running down the streets, flooding some businesses. It's unclear if the two water main breaks are connected.

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