50 San Diego Residents can Now Officially call the U.S. Home

SAN DIEGO - 50 San Diego residents are now citizens of the United States.

Navy Corpsman Richie Concepcion is originally from the Marshall Islands and tells reporting partner 10 News the process can be long but worth it.

"It took me almost a year and a half almost two years for the process," said Concepcion. "But it just makes me feel really proud to be American and just really happy that I am so lucky that I was able to get it."

San Diego Naturalization Ceremony

Photo: Ciara Encinas / KGTV

The 50 residents participating in Tuesday's naturalization ceremony at Balboa Park are all from 50 different counties. Seven residents, including Concepcion, are active duty military. Last fiscal year, more than 800,000 people became naturalized citizens.

Here's more from reporting partner 10 News:

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