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Data Dispels Rumors about San Diego's Homeless Population

SAN DIEGO - New data from this year's homeless count shows homeless people are not flocking to San Diego.

For the past few years, the Regional Task Force on Homelessness has been asking people on the streets where they are from. In this year's count some 85 percent of those on the streets said they were living in San Diego before they became homeless. The data seeks to dispel the notion that homeless persons flock to the area because of laxed policies and available services.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that outreach workers are seeing an uptick in homeless persons from out-of-state, mostly in the downtown area. But the paper says some of those folks have a connection to San Diego, from previously living in and working in the city or having a family member of friend in the area.

Downtown Homeless 6

Photo: Eddie McCoven

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