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How You Might be able to Save Money on Gas

SAN DIEGO - Despite the slight drop in gas prices many San Diego residents are still searching for some relief from the pain at the pump.

Gas prices dropped more than a penny in San Diego County on Wednesday with AAA showing the average price in the region at $6.31 a gallon. But, it still adds up when its time to fill up your tank. Al Porsche, an Army veteran who drives for Uber and Lyft full time, tells reporting partner 10 News that gas prices get lower the farther you are from the coast.

"Anything close to the water or next to the freeway is gonna be expensive and more inland it costs less," Porsche says.

Some drivers might be able to save some money by filling up at military bases, but for others another option is Costco.

"Almost every station on GasBuddy's list of lowest prices in San Diego is now Costco," says Patrick De Haan of gasbuddy.com. "I think they’re passing down inevitable discounts much faster. Cheers to Costco for bringing down prices."

Gas at Costco tends to run about 40 to 50 cents cheaper than the county average because warehouse club sells gas faster than most gas stations. This means other stations may still be selling the fuel they bought when prices were higher.

Another piece of advice is to fill up when when your car gets to half a tank, instead of waiting until you're running on empty.

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