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New Tip Line for Safety Concerns in Poway

POWAY - Residents in Poway can now report safety concerns through a new tip line.

The city council unanimously approved the Poway ALERT system at Tuesday night's meeting. Mayor Steve Vaus tells reporting partner 10 News he came up with the idea after the recent string of mass shootings across the nation, and he hopes it will prevent another tragedy in his community, like the synagogue shooting, from happening again.

"There's something broken about see something, say something, and I wanted to fix it at least in Poway," Vaus said.

The tip line will not replace 911 for emergencies or the Sheriff's Department's non-emergency number but will instead focus on preventing acts of violence, especially providing help to those with mental health issues before they harm themselves or others. The tips will be vetted by Sheriff's Deputies.

"Our guys know what they're doing, our gals know what they're doing and I have full reliance on them that they'll know how to handle stuff," said Vaus.

The tip line, which will cost the city $190, is on a six month trial. After that the council can decide to make it permanent.

The tip line is just for Poway residents and that number is 855-56-ALERT or 855-562-5378.

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