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Father of Student Allegedly Raped by SDSU Football Players Speaks Out

SAN DIEGO - An alleged victim's father is speaking out after San Diego State University announces its investigation into allegations of rape against several football players.

SDSU says it recently got the greenlight from San Diego Police to begin its own investigation after police originally asked the university not to do anything that could interfere with its investigation. The alleged victim's father told NBC 7 the university's announcement doesn't seem genuine.

“I think it sounds more like a PR, CYA situation from the university than it does an actual intent to try and discover something that they could have found out 9 or 10 months ago,” the father said

The rape allegations are the subject of a Los Angeles Times article which said the alleged victim, a minor, was raped by five SDSU football players at an off-campus party last fall. The father says the university should have been investigating from the start.

"I would like to see the people that did this to my daughter held accountable," the father said.

The father has asked not to be identified to protect his daughter.

The university said it has complied with the requests of the victim and law enforcement and that those who violate the law and university policy will suffer the consequences.

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